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Artist: Pollux
Album: Never Hope The Zenith (2007-2011)
Genre: Anthology, Ambient, Electronica, Dark Ambient, Noise, Chill, Drone, Other
Year: 2012
Bitrate: Mp3 / 320 Kbps
Size: 593 Mb / Zip File


Various Artists - A Voyage Through The Underground

128 to 320kbps - January 2012
Metal / Ambient / Neofolk / Prog' / Breakcore / Rap / Other

Big thanks to all artists/bands who kindly let me use their tracks on this compilation which represents some of the best free download music there is!

Part 1 - 9:00 PM - Loudspeakers - Metal

01. The Morningside - The Trees Part Two - from the albumTreeLogia (The Album As It Is Not) released by Solitude Productions (2011)
02. Swath - The Circle - from the Ep The Circle (2008)
03. Embreach - Shadow's Song - from the Ep Deafening Silence (2008)
04. My Reflection - Conscience Calling - from the album Be my Eyes (2010)
05. Sedän Näkemys - Sedän Näkemys - from the Ep Lunastus (2007)
06. Mental D-struction - Untitled Nervosa - from the collection Tunnel to the Underground Vol. I (2010)
07. Weeping Birth - Hymen De Sang & Sperme - from the album A Painting of Raven and Rape (2003) released by Conatus records
08. Albireon - Chaosinsomnia - from the album Disincanto (2001)
09. Formloff - Skævven - from the upcoming album Spyhorelandet due to be released in January 2012
10. Satan's Almighty Penis - Tentacles Of The Ancient Ones - from the album Into the Cunt of Chaos

Total: (60:30)

Part 2 - 4:00 AM - Headphones - Ambient, neofolk

01. Master Toad - Dark Insects of the Catacomb - from the split album Offer Their Souls (2010) released by Kitty on Fire Records
02. Mika Björklund - mielen pimeät huoneet
03. Rainbosws -  01 - from the Ep h (2010) released by on;(do)
04. Hollow Branches - Impending Morning Haunts - from the Ep Anchored In Sleep (2010) released by Strix records
05. Alex Spalding - Glimmer - from the album Amos In Flames (2011) released by Sirona Records
06. Pollux - Blue Hope - from the split album Offer Their Souls (2010) released by Kitty on Fire Records
07. Golden Cloud - Clearlight - from the album Golden Cloud & O.S.I.S. - Split (2011) released by Sirona Records
08. Susurrus Inanis - And I Shall Never - from the album The Shadowless Shining (1997) released by Will Crashed Communications
09. Master Toad - Unicorn Dreams - from the split album Offer Their Souls (2010) released by Kitty on Fire Records

Total: (52:11)

Part 3 - 2:00 PM - A Late Morning - mixed, Progressive rock, Breakcore,Rap etc.

01. Landeluxé - Lazybeat - released at Assembly 2011 in a demo LazyBeat by KoomaDot
02. Tsuhna Carnival - Ristitty - from the Katumaa Tango / Ristitty -single (2007)
03. FatalExceptionID - CLR_CMOS - from the album Machines (2010)
04. Boris Clitoris - evil! satan! / I'm An Alligator - from Eps' gayest shits (2009) and Swastikat Swastikore (2011)
05. FatalExceptionID and YTCracker - N.E.S. - from the collection Glitch Village Vol. 2 (2008)
06. Päijänteen suopalloilijat - Eläinlaulu
07. Koltiaine - Kuinka Kummallinen
08. Bieks - Relic - from the webrelease album That Biekse Record
09. SDSA - The Life (Prod. by Oz Alchemist) - from the mixtape Drug Life (2010)
10. Indelible - Keep Me Warm - from the album Remnants in Red (2011) released by Strix records
11. Blueprint Human Being - Vojaganto - from the Demo Heaven Is All (2003) re-released by Paradigms Recordings in 2006
12. RedSK - Aromatherapy Incense (bonus track)

Total: (50:49)

Contact sumueneofolk (at) gmail (dot) com

If you want to use the tracks somehow, please contact the artists.
Sirona has been given the right to use the tracks on this compilation by the artists through Creative Commons licence By-Nc-Nd, nothing further.


EugeneKha - Green Quest (2 CD)

EugeneKha – Green Quest (2 CD)
Recorded at White Art Studio, October 2010 – September 2011
First Release: 14 January 2012
Label: Earth Mantra | Catalog: Earman187
Style: Ambient, New Age, Space Music
Total Time: 1 hour 47 min. 28 sec.
Format release: FLAC, mp3 (320 kbps), CD
Stream release
Release Page
Mirror site (stream, download full or tracks)
Download MP3 + FLAC (Whole directory)
Review from Darrell Burgan (aka Palankar)
Our friend, Russian electronic maestro Evgenij V. Kharitonov, returns to Earth Mantra with another beautiful release under his EugeneKha pseudonym called "Green Quest".
We have always been struck by the diversity of musical styles that Evgenij takes on, and this album is a textbook case in point. Where his previous Earth Mantra releases covered such territory as dark ambience, space music, and electronic soundscapes, with "Green Quest" he ventures into the worlds of light ambience and new age. Fully embracing traditional concepts like melody, formal structure, and acoustic instrumentation, this is a collection of lovely, peaceful pieces that are simply delightful.
Read more...Collapse )

Pogonophobia "The Father The Son and The Holy Plant" 2007
40.64 КБ
Ещё один шведский коллектив, на этот раз дуэт, взращивающий на северной холодной земле семена немецкого краутрока. При всём очевидном присутствии наследия таких корифеев жанра как Ash Ra Tempel, Cosmic Jokers, Eroc и пр, шведы привносят свой, особенный колорит, соединяя в моих субъективных ощущениях эстетику космоса и лесную атмосферность (сказано воможно кривовато, зато мысль думаю ясна)).
Совершенно не "халтурный" альбом - помимо игр со звуком, он и правда полон интересных мелодических решений,как мне опять-таки кажется.
За низкий битрейт прошу прощения, чем богаты уж...


:Of The Wand & The Moon: - "Its Like Dying On Christmas Day" [7''] (2010)
Label: Heiðrunar Myrkrunar
Format: Vinyl, 7"
Country: Denmark
Released: 17 Dec 2010
Style: Neofolk
size / quality : 20 MB / MP3 320 kbps CBR
download :

Замысловатое название датского проекта :Of The Wand & The Moon: знакомо прежде всего ценителям дарк-фолка (Current 93, Death in June etc). Харизматичный рыжий бородач Ким Ларсен (который собственно и есть :Of The Wand & The Moon:) в конце 90х с легкостью променял тяжеловесный дум-метал (он играл в первом составе Saturnus) на не менее мрачную музыку и достиг вполне ощутимых результатов. Однако по всей видимости в творческой карьере датчанина снова грядут перемены : Ларсен всерьёз увлекся эйсид-фолком 70х и классической американской эстрадой - снял совершенно психоделический клип про деда мороза и записал кавер на Ли Хэзлвуда. "Афиша" пишет, что на следующей неделе :Of The Wand & The Moon: прилетают в Москву с презентацией уже полноформатной пластинки, которая прервет аж 6-летнее молчание. Что ж, судя по этому синглу, эти 6 лет не прошли даром и ждать стоило.Read more...Collapse )


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